Brake Shoe for Honda XR80 XR75 CT90 CRF150F CRF230F XR200R XL100S 06430-GBJ-J10 Front/Rear

MPN: 519-KBR2227S
UPC: 803467025377
Warranty: 90 Day

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NICHE 519-KBR2227S Brake Pad Set

  • Engineered and Tested to Meet or Exceed Original Part Standards and Performance
  • Created as a Direct Replacement for the Factory Brake Shoes
Replaces OEM Part Number: Honda 06430-GBJ-J10

Replacement for OEM Part Number(s):

06430-GBJ-J10, 06430GBJJ10
Additional Replacement MPN(s):
06430-365-405, 451A2-KK0-305, 451A2KK0305, 451A2-KB9-015, 451A2KB9015, 431A2-KF0-005, 431A2KF0005, 431A2-KB9-015, 431A2KB9015, 431A2-365-672, 431A2365672, 431A0-MN1-670, 431A0MN1670, 43120-MN1-671, 43120MN1671, 43120-KB9-015, 43120KB9015, 43120-365-672, 43120365672, 43120-365-671, 43120365671, 43120-331-670, 43120331670, 43120-110-670, 43120110670, 06430-MN1-671, 06430MN1671, 06430-KT0-305, 06430KT0305, 06430-KK0-405, 06430KK0405, 06430-KF0-405, 06430KF0405, 06430-KB9-406, 06430KB9406, 06430-KB9-405, 06430KB9405, 06430-KB9-005, 06430KB9005, 06430-365-674, 06430365674, 06430-365-673, 06430365673, 06430365405

OEM Compatibility:(s):

Honda CB125S: 1980-1982
Honda CR125M:
Honda CR80R: 1980-1982
Honda CRF150F: 2003-2017
Honda CRF230F: 2003-2019
Honda CT110: 1980-1986
Honda CT125:
Honda CT90:
Honda MB5: 1982
Honda MR175:
Honda MT125:
Honda NS50F: 1990
Honda NX125: 1988-1990
Honda Reflex 200: 1986-1987
Honda TR200: 1986-1987
Honda XL100: 1980-1985
Honda XL100S: 1980-1985
Honda XL125: 1980-1985
Honda XL125S: 1980-1985
Honda XL185S: 1980-1983
Honda XL200R: 1983-1984
Honda XL75:
Honda XL80S: 1980-1985
Honda XR100: 1981-1984
Honda XR185:
Honda XR200: 1980-2002
Honda XR200R: 1981-2002
Honda XR250R: 1984-1989
Honda XR350R: 1983-1985
Honda XR500R: 1983-1984
Honda XR600R: 1985-1990
Honda XR75:
Honda XR80: 1980-1984

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