17A Speedometer Bulb 1963-1984 Yamaha DT1 DT125 AT1 CT1 DT250 Suzuki

MPN: 519-CBL2272B
UPC: 803467001432
Warranty: 1 Year

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Light Bulb For Yamaha Suzuki

NICHE 519-CBL2272B Light Bulb

  • Voltage: 6, Wattage: 1.7, Base Type: 17A,Bulb Type: Speedometer
Brand new High-Output 1.7W Warm White Bulbs. These bulbs provide excellent clarity, vibration resistance for off-roaders without the messy modifications. Quality & performance guaranteed! Our warm white bulbs have are plug and play with your existing Speedometers. Don't get stuck in the dark with a low quality bulb!

Light Bulb Specs
Voltage: 6
Wattage: 1.7
Base Type: 17A
Headlight Beam Type: N/A
Bulb Color: No label
Bulb Type: Speedometer

OEM Cross Reference Part Numbers:





OEM Compatibility:(s):

Suzuki GN400T: 1980-1981
Suzuki GN400TX: 1980-1981
Suzuki GN400XT: 1980-1981
Suzuki GN400XX: 1980-1981
Suzuki MT50:
Suzuki PE250:
Suzuki RV125:
Suzuki RV90:
Suzuki SP370:
Suzuki SP400: 1980
Suzuki TC100:
Suzuki TC125:
Suzuki TS100: 1980-1981
Suzuki TS125: 1980-1981
Suzuki TS185: 1980-1981
Suzuki TS250: 1980-1981
Suzuki TS400:
Suzuki TS50:
Suzuki TS75:
Yamaha AT1:
Yamaha AT1MX:
Yamaha AT3:
Yamaha Champ 50: 1980
Yamaha Chappy 50: 1980-1982
Yamaha Chappy 80:
Yamaha Chappy II 80:
Yamaha CT1:
Yamaha DT1: 1980-1983
Yamaha DT100: 1980-1983
Yamaha DT125: 1980-1981
Yamaha DT175: 1980-1981
Yamaha DT1MX:
Yamaha DT2:
Yamaha DT250:
Yamaha DT3:
Yamaha DT360:
Yamaha DT400:
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