Drive Chain Premium Non O-Ring High-Tensile with Master Link for Motorcycles and ATVs 428V

MPN: 428V
UPC: 803467011462
Warranty: 90 Day

SIZE: 138 Links
10+ In stock, Ready to Ship Same Day


NICHE 428V Drive Chain

  • Always ensure that your sprockets are in good condition, properly aligned and lubricant specifically designed for your chain.
    Do not use harsh solvents or chemicals such as Benzene to clean your chain. We recommend lubricating your chain at every 300-350 miles with a lubricant specifically designed for your chain.
    Replaces chain immediately if it comes in contact with the battery acid. Clean your chain if it comes in contact with salt water or rock salt and lubricate it after cleaning.

    Replacement for OEM Part Number(s):

    40530-K28-911, 40530-KSJ-003, 40530KSJ003, 40530-KCP-003, 40530KCP003, 40530K28911
    92057-0657, 92057-1099, 920571099, 92057-0658, 920570658, 920570657
    47010165122, 47010165122
    27600-05350, 27600-46912-134, 2760046912134, 27600-36611, 2760036611, 27600-20911-112, 2760020911112, 27600-06G40-112, 2760006G40112, 2760005350
    94580-78130-00, 9Y582-43117-00, 9Y5824311700, 9Y582-00117-00, 9Y5820011700, 9Y581-97121-00, 9Y5819712100, 9Y581-58117-00, 9Y5815811700, 9Y581-33119-00, 9Y5813311900, 9Y580-88121-00, 9Y5808812100, 94582-34130-00, 945823413000, 945807813000
    Additional Replacment MPN(s):
    40530-KN4-A12, 428V-130, 428V130, 428V-126, 428V126, 428V-122, 428V122, 428V-120, 428V120, 428V-118, 428V118, 428V-112, 428V112, 40530-KSJ-005, 40530KSJ005, 40530KN4A12
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