Deck Belt For Murray 07X88MA 37X88 425015x92A 425000x8B 425017x190B 42506x92A 42539A Scotts 425008x31A

MPN: 810-CBL2217T
UPC: 803467004433

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Known Brand Compatibility: Murray, Rover, Scotts

Replaces OEM MPN: B1MU120, 75-135, 710213, 7-07968, 37X88, 265-031, 230-6731, 175-135, 037X88WMA, 037X88MA, 037X88HDMA, 037X88A, 037X88

  • Compatible with Models: Murray: 425000x8B, 425008x31A, 42500x30B, 425015x92A, 425017x190B, 42506x92A, 42508x92A, 42511x4B, 42539A, 425603x99A, 425604x99A, , 425610x99B, 425611x99A, 425611x99B, 42567x30A, 42571x31A, 42572x31A, 42578x30A, 42583x82C, 42583x9A, 42591x8A Lawn Tractors with 42" Mower Decks

  • Compatible with: Scotts: 425000x8B, 425008x31A, 42571x31A, 42572x31A, 42591x8A Scotts Lawn Tractors with 42" Mower Decks

  • Optimize Your Mowers Cutting Power and Ability

  • Width: 1/2" (0.5), Length: 89 1/4" (89.25)

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