Mechanics are very expensive, the parts they use to repair the vehicle are too, but almost nothing is more expensive in repairing a vehicle than the man or women fixing it. It’s for this reason so many of us like to tinker around and try to fix the problem first, and when we go to tinker we need a variety of different tools.

Opinions on which tools every off-roader should own to service their vehicle are like snowflakes, there are millions and all of them different. In this blog we’ll be discussing our opinion on the tools you need to keep your vehicle going for the long haul.

Torque Wrench

Most bolts you’ll find have specific torque settings to make sure they’re tightened down fully and properly. Engine bolts, especially need very particular torqueing or these bolts will begin to warp the part.

There are three styles of torque wrenches, click break and slip. The click ones are the most popular of the three and basically each describes the method in which they tell you you’ve achieved the pre-set torque you dialed in.

Drive socket set

6 point sockets are good because they grip a little more closely and will make stripped heads less likely. A socket’s “drive” refers to the square that it uses to drive the socket. A 3/8” drive socket is the most common, but a ¼” will get you into those tight and hard to reach spaces.

Get a metric drive socket set and go a little on the small side. They’re fantastic and easy to use with one hand. Of course it’s more for small jobs, but general maintenance is just a list of small jobs. With these sockets you can exchange body plastics, adjust handlebar controls and remove jets from the carburetor. Plus, because it’s smaller you’ll be less likely to over tighten and destroy threads.

Screw Extractor

We’ve all been there, tightening or unscrewing something only to have the head snap off. It’s so infuriating to have it happen, but with a screw extractor, figuring out a different way to get the bolt out or scrapping the part entirely are thoughts best left to the past. These threaded drill bits cut into the broken bolt and drills a small hole. After drilling in you need only pull the bolt out. This is so much better than destroying everything else around it.

Tire Gauge

Tire gauges for ATVs don’t work any different than for cars, but they’re just as important. Tires take the energy from the engine to propel the vehicle forward and without the proper amount of air in those tires your vehicle will run sluggish. With under inflated or over inflated tires you’re rapidly increasing their wear bringing them closer to failure. Manufacturers will usually give you one with their supplied toolkits, but there are other, more expensive kinds that just feel better. And on the off chance you don’t have a tire gauge at all, well…what are you waiting for?

Blow Gun

When you’re bouncing your vehicle around in the mud, collecting all that dirt and grim it’s something you’ll want to invest in. Dirt, grime and salt are the precursors to failure, because they slowly wear down and eat away at parts.


This one’s a little on the obvious side. Whether you’re just quickly looking at your vehicle at night or closely analyzing it for wear or damage, a flashlight is going to help. Don’t be one of those people that say “if I can’t see it, it’s not there.” Problems don’t just go away when you ignore them, sadly. So take our word for it, there’s no better diagnostic tool than a flashlight for working on an off-road vehicle or in life.

Gloves and Rags

Like the flashlight, gloves and rags are essential for any repair or maintenance. Gloves can help with a number of things. They can take the heat your skin can't, be a barrier to sharp objects, give you better grip for pulling and twisting wrenches or parts and finally keep your hands clean. Rags on the other hand are used to wipe down everything. There are so many different liquids, fluids and greases that go into a vehicle, and they all have a place they need to be; however they tend to splash around and get into or on other parts they shouldn’t. You can’t leave it like that, so keep some rags around and wipe off the excess.


Chances are you have a screwdriver or two kicking around somewhere; they have so many uses around the house, the same can be said for a vehicle. You’ll be using screwdrivers a ton over the years so it’s worthwhile to spend a decent amount of money on one. Also, if you can find a screwdriver with a hex bolster, then all the better. With this you can use a crescent wrench to get any super stuck screw out.

Those are some of the tools we find most important, what about you, what tool sits on top of your toolbox ready to go? Tell us in the comments below.


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