We all love riding ATVs on challenging terrain - dunes, trails, mud runs - the tougher, the better! But riding rough takes its toll on quads, and before long, you're looking at replacing pieces. If you are planning on repairing or upgrading your machine, then you might have looked at the price of replacements from the original equipment manufacturer, as well as used ATV parts and aftermarket ATV parts.

What Are Used ATV Parts?

Used ATV parts are basically parts and accessories that come from ATVs that are already decommissioned, possibly because they are no longer running, or perhaps they have undergone upgrades. The industry of used ATV parts is thriving these days as many people who are in need of cheaper ATV replacement parts rely on them.

The best advantage of using used ATV parts is that they are the cheapest way to replace parts compared to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts. There are also many stores that specialize in selling used bike parts.

The downside, however, is that installing them can be a hit and miss scenario. With used ATV parts, you are not really sure of what you are getting. It is important that you ensure that the parts are all in good condition before buying - and this can be hard to do if you are buying online or buying a complex part you can't get into. Unfortunately, used ATV parts that are still in good quality condition are hard to find. If you do get a cheap one, they might have heavy wear and tear even if the seller says that it came from ATVs with minimal riding mileage.

Challenges in Buying Used ATV Parts

You can save a lot of money when buying used ATV parts but you need to take note that shopping for one is not a walk in the park. Whether you buy them online or look for a second-hand shop that sells ATV parts, you will face many challenges that will affect your purchase. Below are the possible challenges that you may encounter when buying used ATV parts.

  • Difficulty in finding a reliable vendor: Although there are countless of vendors online that sell used ATV parts, only a handful is reliable. It is important that you deal with professional vendors that have good reputation in the industry. Look for reviews online or check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if the vendor is legitimate and has not obtained the used replacement parts in an illegal manner.
  • Difficulty tracing where the parts came from: Reliable vendors keep a detailed document indicating where their used ATV parts came from. Aside from this information, the seller should also be transparent on how they are able to acquire their stock. Most used ATV parts are salvaged from ATVs for different reasons. They might get it because the owner of the ATV may be upgrading or one of his or her engine breaks and needs replacement. Reliable vendors usually take the ATV part, inspect it for damages, and clean the parts for selling. As a customer, you need to know where the used ATV parts came from so that you can avoid buying smuggled or fake items.
  • Difficulty in finding the exact part: It is so frustrating to get the wrong used ATV parts. Considering that most people do not really know what they are looking for - what year, what model version - chances are high that you might end up getting the wrong part. Some people end up guessing which part they need out of desperation. This problem can be solved if you get to know the parts you need and its number, if any, plus doing your research too.
  • They might not work with your machine: How can a used ATV part from the same brand and model of your quad not work for you? The reason for this is that the presence of even a tiny dent or scratch on the surface can affect the performance of the ATV part. It is important to take note that ATVs are always exposed to merciless environmental conditions and the exposure of the ATV parts to environmental factors like too much vibration, dust, mud, and rocks can affect performance. So even if the parts came from the same machine, there is a possibility it won't work for you.
  • They don’t come with guarantees: Used ATV parts do not come with guarantees or a warranty period. If something happens with the used ATV part, then you cannot send it back to get a new replacement.

Buying the right used ATV parts can save you money as they come very cheap. Unfortunately, majority of people who buy used parts always end up failing on their first, second, or even on their third tries. This can mean spending a larger accumulated amount of money over time, not to mention the hassle, stress, and frustration of ill-fitting parts.

Aftermarket ATV Parts: Your Best Alternative

Choosing the best ATV replacement parts is critical so that you can finish get back to riding as soon as possible - without the fear of impending problems. However, with the numerous issues encountered in using used ATV parts, finding the best alternative replacement parts is crucial.

One of the better alternatives to used ATV parts is aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are made by third party manufacturers and they follow the strict standard of the original brand at a fraction of the price. There are many reasons why you ought to choose aftermarket ATV parts as your best alternative:

  • Cheap: Aftermarket ATV replacement parts are brand new. But even if though they are brand new, they are cheaper by 40% or more than the OEM replacement parts. Although used ATV parts are still cheaper than aftermarket parts, you get more reliability with this particular part than the used ones. To get cheaper aftermarket ATV parts that have high quality, it is important that you only go for suppliers that are reliable.
  • More durable: Although they are made by third party manufacturers, they sometimes come with better design than the OEM parts. The third party manufacturers also explore different materials to create durable parts. In fact, some are even better than the original in terms of quality and engineering.
  • Better availability: Today, you can walk in an auto parts store and have the mechanic look for different parts that you want. Since aftermarket ATV parts are more accessible than ever, it's fast for you to fix your ATV by yourself with the right part in hand.

Still thinking of buying used ATV parts? We didn't think so. Although used ATV parts look like the cheapest option at first, opting for aftermarket sales is a better idea. Why should you risk using used ATV parts if you can rely on aftermarket ATV parts? They are not only cheaper than the original, but they perform better than the secondhand ATV parts.

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