Here are Some Vehicles We’d Love to Make Aftermarket Parts for

All these vehicles come from interesting minds trying to solve problems or inconveniences we’ve had to live with for years. Most of these are already available to be purchased now, while others might sadly never come to be. The future is ripe for exciting new developments in the off-road market and as an aftermarket part maker and seller; it’s never been more exciting. In this blog post we won’t be talking about all of the weird and wonderful off-road vehicles in development, just some of the more distinctive ones either in form or function that have caught our eye.

Nikola Tesla Electric UTV:

This UTV is purely electric, one of the first of its kind, and a really interesting sign that the industry is knocking on the door of change. According to the developers, this vehicle has a whopping 500 horsepower which sounds like a few too many horses. But there’s always someone out there wanting to tame the most ferocious beast.

It’ll be interesting to see how it develops further, even more so when it’s released to the public. Unfortunately, we all know it’ll be pretty darn expensive so if this is something you’re interested in down the road, best start padding out your bank account now.


Parajet SkyRunner:

Why let the word “terrain” hold you back when you’re looking to buy an ATV. Of course, it’s great to ride through trees, skid across sand and splash around in the mud; however, there is one place you haven’t gone yet reserved more for the daredevil amongst us. This place, well it’s quite literally just above you.

The Parajet SkyRunner looks like an unholy union of dune buggy and fan boat. At first glance it looks really weird, but in practice it takes you to a place where no other ATV, UTV or bike could ever take you. It can fly, obviously it’s no plane, but with the fan on its back and with the aid of a parachute the SkyRunner can take flight with a top air speed of around 55 mph. This vehicle is available to purchase too…for about $100,000, which unfortunately is a little too rich for this writer.


Peugeot Capsule:

This is one fancy looking ATV, unlike the Tesla UTV; it’s powered by a solar backed gas-electric engine and shaped like an egg. It also has photovoltaic panels on the roof that refill the battery while you’re using it. Like stated before, this thing is fancy. The seat looks like it’s from a high class luxury car fit for a caviar guzzling, monocle wearing, top hat aficionado A.K.A. The Monopoly Man.

The capsule also has built in internet for the professional on the run who can’t disconnect for an hour or two and wants to play a potentially dangerous game. Just a heads up, you’ll always lose that game.


The Sherp:

When we were kids, there were these Tonka trucks that had massive wheels and a dominating presence compared to other toys like micro-machines. They were basically monster trucks able to literally crush anything coming close to competition and the Sherp is that truck realized, but this time for adults.

The Sherp name doesn’t really say much about the machine, but the machine is huge and built around these big tires with paddle like treads that can get the machine over obstacles as high as 27.5 inches. It comes from the mind of Alexei Garagashyan who made it to not only perform well in rugged environments, but to dominate in them.

The Sherp can go in any environment: snow, ice, mud, sand and sometimes even open water depending on how deep that water is. Because of its size, because of its cost ($65,000 for a tent like soft top or $70,000 for a hardtop) you’ll likely only see it used in extreme environments, but you just know the driver will be having a ton of fun driving it.

Now, those are only a few of the many interesting inventions popping up in the industry. We’re always paying attention as to what’s coming and going so that we offer new parts for them. You guys have to do your part though. Make a new vehicle popular and we’ll be there with performance and replacement parts in hand.

Have any questions about these vehicles or have seen some wild vehicles out there we haven’t. Please let us know in the comments below.


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